What is GetRight.exe?

GetRight is a popular download accelerator, lauded for providing users with resumable downloads, faster file transfers, and solid Internet Explorer integration. In the past, GetRight was infected with Spyware - specifically, the Aurorite variant. Today, GetRight is a clean download, and Headlight Software, Inc. publicly commits to providing spyware-free software. GetRight runs in the background as a process called "getright.exe" and appears in the system tray (the area of the taskbar next to the clock).

Fixing getright.exe errors

Even though GetRight is legitimate software, it's not perfect. GetRight can cause a number of errors on your PC. The most common error you'll receive will occur if you're running GetRight on a Windows XP system. The error text will read:

Getright.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

As mentioned at this Microsoft Knowledge Base article, viewing the detailed information for this error will show that the error occurred in the module "Ntdll.dll". The solution for this problem is to update your version of getright.exe by downloading the latest release of GetRight, which can be acquired at www.getright.com.

GetRight also has some known issues with several DLL modules. Oleaut32.dll is a critical module included in the Visual Basic Runtime Environment. GetRight uses this runtime environment to help your computer execute its software code. When the runtime environment is out of date, GetRight can encounter the following error message:

The GETRIGHT.EXE is linked to missing export Oleaut32.DLL:420

GetRight's software FAQ suggests downloading the latest version of Microsoft's VBRUN6.0, which can be found on Microsoft's FTP site.

If you receive error messages related to LSPCS.DLL, the error is being caused by getright.exe conflicting with CyberSitter, another software package. GetRight suggests temporarily disabling CyberSitter and noting if this resolves the issue.

Another known issue exists with the module COMCTL32.DLL. If your getright.exe error report mentions COMCTL32.DLL, it may be because your version of the ComCtl32 platform is out of date. If you are using Windows 95, 98, 98SE, or Windows NT 4.0, and Internet Explorer 5.0 or earlier, this error may affect you. Microsoft provides a free download to update this platform at the Microsoft Download Center.

Keeping getright.exe updated

Headlight Software, Inc. provides both registered and unregistered users with continuous software updates. By consistently updating GetRight, you can be sure you're using the latest version of getright.exe, which will in turn ensure you see as few errors as possible.

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