What is Boot.exe?

The question now becomes, which one do I have? Well, if you are like most people, and you are running a version of windows newer than Windows 98, you are probably in luck. This worm usually affects Windows 95 and Windows 98 computers that have file sharing enabled (which is pretty much all of them!), but later versions of Windows are more secure in this department.

If you are really concerned that it might be a virus, it is a simple matter to get a free virus scan. Just search for a free virus scan on Google, or go to one of these trusted vendors: TrendMicro or Kaspersky.

I know I do not have a virus, but I still get boot.exe errors

Yes! In fact, this is probably the more common error you will run into. Boot.exe is a common name for the executable that is run in removable media (like a USB thumbdrive or USB 'memory stick'). This executable is automatically executed when you insert the stick or card or whatever your removable media is.

Every device has slightly different actions in mind when this type of autoplay is started. It can be a program to start setting up your camera's software. It could be a launcher for a USB platform. It might be a password manager for your external hard drive.

However, since most of these are read/write devices, and not all are capable of a distinct read only area, it is entirely possible that you have accidentally deleted the executable on the drive without removing the.inf file that tells Windows which executable to run when it is trying to autoplay the device. This may cause 'boot.exe not found' errors.

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