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"Express Uninstaller found 600 errors on my computer - my CPU used to be at 50% and now it hovers around 2-3%. A real life saver, thanks guys."

Virginia Johansson, WA

Uninstall any program

Recommended: Express Uninstaller

Some software just won't go away. If you're concerned that a recent software uninstallation has left its traces on your hard drive, or if you have entries in the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" dialogue that you can't delete, you need a software solution to help you. We recommend Express Uninstaller - it's fast, easy to use, and free to download.

Why programs get stuck on your system

Most software is easy to uninstall - so why is it that certain programs are impossible to delete? The problem is almost always shoddy programming practices. When software is made, it's wrapped in an "installer" - a special script that places the programs files in the right places and makes modifications to your system. If this installer has an error, or if it loses track of where the program files went, the software will be very difficult to uninstall.

Express Uninstaller cleans up the mess

In these cases, we always use Express Uninstaller to clean up the mess left by these stubborn programs. Express Uninstaller is able to find all traces of an unwanted software package and safely remove them from your PC. The developers of Express Uninstaller, Qiwang Computer, have made a truly useful cleanup utility. We recommend it to all users who are having trouble uninstalling unwanted programs.

Uninstall any program

How Express Uninstaller works to delete unwanted software

Express Uninstaller goes deeper than Windows' own uninstallation utilities. First, you're presented with a list of programs that are currently installed on your PC. Express Uninstaller lets you try the normal uninstallation route, but its true power is in the Force Uninstall tool. Force Uninstall scans your entire system, including your startup entries, system registry, and services list, for any traces of the program you specify. All of these traces can be purged in just a couple of minutes, leaving you without the software that you couldn't uninstall on your own.

Express Uninstaller is our favorite uninstaller utility.

At, we only recommend software to our visitors that we use ourselves - and as seasoned PC technicians, we're extremely picky. We stacked up nine different uninstaller programs, and Express Uninstaller's functionality trumps them all - no other software we tested can match the power of Express Uninstaller's Force Uninstall tool. Only Express Uninstaller was able to get rid of the most stubborn pieces of software on our system, including malware and spyware.

Express Uninstaller compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 1MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Try Express Uninstaller today - we guarantee it's safe

We test every piece of software on our site for malware, spyware, and viruses, and we're happy to report that Express Uninstaller is perfectly safe for your computer. Its powerful uninstallation features only remove the programs you specifiy, leaving the rest of your system completely untouched. We hope you try it today - you'll be just as impressed with it as we are.

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