Tutorial on how to open WPS files

What is a WPS file?

A WPS file is a Microsoft Works file. Microsoft Works was designed to provide the basic home productivity tools a person would need to make his everyday tasks easier from start to finish. Microsoft Works can create letters, greeting cards, and resumes.

It uses templates, clip art, and a built-in dictionary. Aside these functions it can keep track of your budget, plan home improvements, and keep basic household records. All of these are in just one place.

The WPS file is the output of Microsoft Works. Since Microsoft Works is not very popular, many people don’t even know what it does. So how can people know how to open and work with WPS files? Simply by reading this tutorial. Now it is time to find the perfect tool for working with these files.

How to find and download the perfect tool

Obviously, the best tool is Microsoft Works itself. Since it produces these kinds of files, it is able to create, modify, and open them. So far so good. You can find the latest version of Works on Microsoft’s website. To be more precise, here: http://www.microsoft.com/products/works/default.mspx.

But there is only one problem: this is not a free tool. It costs $39.95 to buy and use it. Although $40 is not a large sum of money, why pay for it? Perhaps there are other options. But first let’s analyze this premium option. Let’s enter the website. Here is how it looks like:

Works main page

As you can see, the price is listed on the main page. On the left side, you can find different links that will provide additional info. From these links, the Product Information is very valuable, along with the Take a Tour. You can click any of them to find out more about what you are about to buy. You can also download the Product Demo to see for yourself how the tool behaves.

Once you are sure that you want to spend $39.95 on this tool, click the Order Now link from the right side of the webpage. After you click the link, you will reach a web page similar to the one below:

Order Microsoft Works

You must choose a dealer. You can see from this web page if the product is in stock. Most of the dealers will have it in stock, so you can proceed with any of them. For example, I chose the first one, CDW. Click on the Order link and you will reach the following web page:

The shopping cart

After you add to cart, you provide your credit card or PayPal account and the process goes smoothly. I am not going to proceed with my order because I know of another option – a free one.

I know you don’t want to spend $39.95 on this product, so I will share my secret tool. It is a converter tool and it works with Microsoft word. So, basically, it will convert WPS files to Word files so you can open them. The tool can be found at http://www.computerhope.com/dutil.htm. Thank God for websites that keep old content.

Remember, downloading from unsure sources can be harmful to you and your computer. Files can contain viruses, Trojans, works, and tracking software. Potential attackers can gain access to your private data or can destroy it. This is a very serious security risk. However, I trust this web site and I am sure that the file has been scanned and is clean. So, let’s go ahead and enter the site. It looks like in the screenshot:

The best website for Works

I cut some of the screenshot so you can understand the picture. If you notice, at the bottom of the picture there is a Download section. Click on wp6rtf.exe to start your download. The following box should appear:

Download Works

Since this is what we are looking for, click Save File and save the file somewhere on the hard drive. Remember the path because we will need it later. Before you continue with the installation, you are advised to store the file on a CD or DVD. Whenever you need it, you will find it easily.

Installing the new tool

After you have saved the file, double click on it (on your hard drive or on the removable media, it makes no difference). The following security warning should appear:

Windows security warning

This is a security warning and has its right to be there. As we agreed above, downloading files from the Internet can be very dangerous. These files might contain viruses, worms, or Trojans. Downloading is one thing, but think of what could happen if you run an infected file. So this is why this security warning is here.

Since we know this file is from a strange and new website, we must be careful. However, we can see the Publisher in the Security Warning box: Microsoft Corporation. This tool was indeed produced by Microsoft some time ago. So it is completely safe. Click Run to continue to the installation:

Click Yes

We are pretty sure, so we click Yes. Next we will have to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA):

The license agreement

We don’t really have a choice so click Yes. After the installation is complete, the following message will appear:

The setup is complete

Sounds good. Now, let’s see if it really works. Open Microsoft Word and click File in the toolbar. Choose Open (shortcut CTRL + O). Now, go to the bottom of the newly appeared window, at the Files of time. Scroll down until you reach the bottom:

Open a WPS file

What are those extensions? .wps! And it is just what we need to open, a WPS file. You will now be able to open these types of files from your Microsoft Word. Congratulations!

Although there are some other standalone tools that are completely free, I chose this more difficult option due to security issues. We have worked with materials provided by Microsoft the whole way. We have avoided third party software that can pose serious security risks. This was the best course of action!

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