Tutorial on how to open 3g2 files

What is a 3g2 file?

.3g2 is a file extension that is associated with 3GP files. The 3GP file is a multimedia container format that has been defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). This format was intended for use on 3G mobile phones but is also used on a few 2G and 4G phones.

Basically, 3GP is just a simplified version of the MPEG-4 part 14 (MP4) container format, which was designed to decrease the size of multimedia files and allow them to be used on mobile phones. On computers, 3GP files can be viewed on Linux, Mac, and Windows. As you can see, this format is very flexible. There are some cell phones that use the MP4 extension four 3GP multimedia files.

Now that we have seen what the 3g2 file really is, we must find out with what to open it.

Finding the right tool to open 3g2 files

The best tool to open 3g2 files is Apple QuickTime. To obtain this tool, we must go to the manufacturer's website. Most of the time, the website is www.name-of-manufacturer.com. In our case, this is www.apple.com. However, there are some manufacturers with different website addresses. In these cases we will have to Google the name of the manufacturer and, usually, the first website is what we are looking for. Let's take a look at Apple's website:

Apple main page

Did you notice the Downloads section? Apple has a very clean website, with all the resources clearly displayed. We want to download QuickTime, so we need to go to the downloads section. Go ahead and click Downloads:

Apple downloads section

As you can see, QuickTime is one of the top Apple downloads. This means that people really love this software. It is also free and can be downloaded in just a few easy steps. Go ahead and click QuickTime:

Click QuickTime

As you can see, you can download the free player on this webpage. You can choose from QuickTime 7.5.5 with iTunes for Windows XP or Vista or QuickTime 7.5.5 for Windows XP or Vista. If you have an iPod, you might need the iTunes version. Choose the right version for you and make sure that “free weekly new music Tuesday subscription" and “give me up to date with Apple news, software updates, and the latest information on products and services" options are unchecked. This allows you to make an anonymous download. It is better to avoid giving your e-mail address; otherwise you will receive a few e-mails a week from Apple. After you are finished, click “free download now":

You will see two windows. Let's see what each of them tells us. Here is the first one:

First window

As you can see in, this is a security warning from Windows. It tells you that the encrypted page you requested contains some unencrypted information. This means that the information you enter on the page can be captured by a third-party. You don't have any choice you must click OK.

The next window is the actual download window:

Download window

As you can see, I chose the iTunes version. Click save file and store it somewhere on the hard drive. Make sure you remember were you save it. Before we get to the actual installation, there is one more step to do. It is best practice to save the file on a CD or DVD for later use. Whenever you reinstall Windows, you will need the file.

Installing QuickTime

After the file is saved, double-click on it to begin the setup. Here is how the next window should look like:

Microsoft security warning

This is a security warning from Windows. Downloading files from the Internet can be very dangerous. When downloading from unknown websites, you can receive files that are correct with viruses, Trojans, or other malicious programs. If downloading the file can be better dangerous, imagine how dangerous it is to actually run the file. In this security warning, Windows asks you whether to run or cancel. As you can see, the publisher is Apple Inc. This means that the file we have downloaded is trustworthy.

Go ahead and click run. Here is what you will see next:

Apple welcome window

This is the welcome screen of the setup. After reading the text, click Next:

Agree to the license agreement

Next, you must agree to Apple's terms and conditions. I say you must because if you do not accept the terms in the license agreement, the setup will terminate. This means you are forced to accept their terms. However, feel free to read all the terms. Make sure you check “I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click Next:

Where to install

In this window we will customize the installation. You can add iTunes and QuickTime shortcuts to your desktop, use iTunes as the default player for audio files, or automatically update iTunes and other Apple software. You can also change the default iTunes language and the destination folder. Go ahead and customize your installation to suit your needs. It is best practice to close all running applications before running the installation. However, this is entirely up to you. After you're finished with the customization, click Install:

The actual installation

The setup will now install QuickTime and will show the following window once it finishes:

Installation finished

As you can see, iTunes and QuickTime have been successfully installed on your computer. You can now open iTunes and QuickTime after the installer exits. After you choose, click Finish. Whether you have chosen to open iTunes after the installer exits or you open it at the later time, here is what follows:

License agreement

This is the iTunes Software License Agreement. To use this software you will need to agree to it. Go ahead and read all the License Agreement and, after you finish, click Agree. You will see the following window:

iTunes setup assistant 1

After clicking Next, you will enter the iTunes setup assistant. When you're ready, click Next:

iTunes setup assistant 2

ITunes can search your My Music folder and find all the songs you have and add them to your iTunes celebrity. In this window you can choose to add MP3, AAC, and WMA files. Click Next:

iTunes setup assistant 3

In this window, you can choose if you want to keep the iTunes music folder organized. Select your preference and click Next:

iTunes setup assistant 4

As you can see, iTunes can automatically download album artwork when you add songs to your library. However, downloading album artwork requires an iTunes Store account. You can go to the iTunes Store to create a new account and then choose "Get Album Artwork" from the Advanced menu.

Click Next and you will see this:

iTunes setup assistant 5

You can choose to go to the iTunes Store or to the iTunes Library. The choice is yours. If you click Cancel, iTunes will open. Although you didn't see anything about QuickTime player, this tool is also installed. You can see it on your desktop: QuickTime Player. Double-click it:

QuickTime player

This is how Apple QuickTime looks like. Click File and select Open File. As you can see, QuickTime has support for MPEG files:

Opening .3g2 files

If you remember, the .3g2 is the extension of a 3GP file, which is based on the MPEG-4 standard. So QuickTime Player can open .3g2 files. We have reached the end of our tutorial. I hope you had a great lecture and that you now know how to open .3g2 files. Congratulations!

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