Repairing Windows Installer Errors

The Windows Installer tool is a service, which means that it should be constantly running in the background of your machine. By running as a service, the Windows Installer is available any time you wish to install a new program. Typically, this speeds up your computer, since the tool is always ready to go - but if for some reason the Windows Installer has become temporarily deactivated, you need to reactivate it manually to stop Windows Installer errors. Take the following steps to accomplish this.

Following the completion of these steps, you should attempt to reinstall the software that was generating the Windows Installer errors to see if this fixed the problem.

Deleting your temporary system files to fix Windows Installer errors

Your system stores temporary information related to the installation and packaging of software in several hidden directories on your computer. By emptying these directories, you can give the Windows Installer a 'clean slate' and ensure that the old temporary information isn't interfering with the software you're trying to install. This could fix Windows Installer errors by preventing conflicts with existing temporary files and folders.

Go in to the following folders and move all of the contents to the Recycle Bin:

Now, try reinstalling the software that was causing the Windows Installer error.

Cancelling pending installations to fix Windows Installer errors

When you install new software, the software setup program interacts with the Windows Installer tool to create a registry entry marking the software as a 'pending installation'. Typically, when the installation finishes, this registry key is removed automatically. However, if any of these registry entries remain, they can interfere with the Windows Installer and cause Windows Installer errors. You should only take the following steps if you are an experienced computer user. Choose "Start", then "Run, and type "regedit" before pressing "OK". Now, find and clean the following keys:

Restart your computer and try to reinstall the software that was causing the Windows Installer error.

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