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"RegCure found 600 errors on my computer - my CPU used to be at 50% and now it hovers around 2-3%. A real life saver, thanks guys."

Virginia Johansson, WA

Repair Windows Vista

Recommended Solution: RegCure

Windows Vista has dozens of new features, a slick new look, and support for all kinds of multimedia activities. With all of this new functionality tacked on to the Windows core - which is now more than 10 years old! - it's little wonder that Vista is unstable and crash-prone for many users. Luckily, there's a solution - keep reading.

Why does Vista crash so much?

Windows Vista made the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. As Microsoft engineers rushed to include more functionality to meet their deadline, they got sloppy. Now, consumers are left with the result: a vast array of features and functionalities that often come part and parcel with crippling Vista crashes.

How do other people fix this problem?

If your Vista installation crashes, you're not alone. Thousands of customers have computers that just can't meet Vista's outrageous system requirements, and thousands more have bad Vista installations that shipped from the factory with crash-inducing bugs. Over twenty thousand people every day download RegCure to fix their Vista crashes - maybe you should too.

RegCure is the recommended solution for Vista crashes.

Since Microsoft didn't look like they were going to step up to the plate and fix Vista themselves, the geniuses at ParetoLogic developed RegCure. 'RegCure repairs Vista' by attacking damaged DLL files, broken registry entries, and other root causes. It's really incredible what RegCure can do for your Vista installation - many of our customers report that they haven't had a Vista crash in almost 4 months.

RegCure Automatically Repairs:

Stop tolerating Vista crashes. Let RegCure fix your Vista for you.

You didn't pay all that money for your Vista computer only to have it crash every day. Put the problem to rest once and for all. In just two minutes, RegCure scans your Vista computer for crash-causing bugs and repairs them. The software is extremely easy to use, and very reliable (customer feedback shows that it has a 99% success rate).

RegCure compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 1MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Never see a Vista crash again.

Just imagine if the much-vaunted Windows Vista lived up to expectations. With RegCure, your Vista PC transforms in to what you wanted it to be: a feature-rich, rock-steady, crash-free powerhouse. Stop putting up with sub-par performance and join the 20,000 users every day who have downloaded RegCure and never looked back.

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