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"RegCure found 600 errors on my computer - my CPU used to be at 50% and now it hovers around 2-3%. A real life saver, thanks guys."

Virginia Johansson, WA

Fix : Missing/damaged OCX file

Have you ever noticed how one application on your computer can sometimes behave like another? For instance, you can use Excel to edit spreadsheets in Word, or play movies in Internet Explorer using Windows Media Player. This type of cross-application talk is done through OLE, or Object Linking and Embedding, using something called OCX (OLE Custom Controls).

How OCX files work

These OCX files, like .ocx contain all the code necessary for one application to export and import data to and from another application. If your .ocx file is missing, becomes corrupted, or gets damaged, this functionality won't work anymore - and your computer might crash.

Fixing .ocx

.ocx is a critical system component, and if you're receiving OCX errors saying that there's something wrong with it, you need to fix it right away. We recommend you use RegCure - it's 100% guaranteed to repair all OCX problems, including .ocx errors. Because OCX files are completely dependent on the registry, a damaged Windows registry can cause serious problems with .ocx. Repairing the Windows registry with RegCure lets you restore .ocx and get your computer back to normal.

RegCure: The guaranteed .ocx repair tool

RegCure is the only registry cleaner 100% guaranteed to repair .ocx errors. By getting deep inside the Windows registry and fixing OCX association problems, location pointers, and other information that OCX files rely on, RegCure restores your .ocx file and makes it accessible to your computer again. It only takes 2 minute to run RegCure and use it to restore .ocx - a process which is totally automatic.

RegCure Automatically Repairs:

Stop OCX errors: Use RegCure to repair .ocx

Stop dealing with an annoying .ocx error every time you try to use functionality that should "just work". Getting your applications back to normal requires that you run RegCure to restore your system's access to .ocx. Using RegCure to clean your system and repair .ocx is 100% guaranteed to stop OCX errors. Run it today and see for yourself.

RegCure compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 1MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

Faster PC guarantee: RegCure is safe for your PC

We guarantee that RegCure is completely safe for your PC. It contains no spyware, viruses, or other malware. We only recommend software that we use ourselves, and RegCure is our top recommended download for repairing .ocx errors.

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