RegCure - Our favorite registry cleaner

Are you dealing with the remnants of long-gone programs? Do you always get errors when you turn your computer on? Maybe your PC just seems slower than it used to be when you bought it. One thing that absolutely amazes most people is how often problems like these can be traced back to a single culprit: the Windows Registry.

The Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a big database file that holds all kinds of settings and program information. Want to use Microsoft Word to open a DOC file? It's in the Registry! What if you want to keep track of all the programs you've installed? The Registry knows! This database is so incredibly important that it's little wonder your system starts to fall apart when it gets corrupted or damaged. Fortunately, Registry Cleaners like RegCure can usually fix it right up and save you from having to reinstall Windows.

Using RegCure: The process

Certainly one of RegCure's biggest draws is that it's so incredibly easy to use it to clean your registry. The download is small - around 1 MB - and usually takes about 30 seconds to complete. Once the installer is on your computer, you'll be walked through a step-by-step installation process that places RegCure's program files on your system and gives you the means to access them. When the installer terminates, RegCure automatically runs and gives you options about which types of errors you'd like to scan the registry for. When you've selected the error types you want to look for (most users just select them all, to be safe), RegCure begins its error scan. This scan can take up to 2 minutes, since RegCure has to search your entire computer for errors.

When RegCure is done scanning your computer, it gives you a concise report of all the errors it found, along with their severity. This report is a very useful tool in evaluating the overall stability and performance of your system. You may now clean the errors RegCure found. Restart your computer, and it should be as good as new.

Why we prefer RegCure to its competitors

There's probably a dozen or more registry cleaners available on the market, and they vary wildly in terms of quality and accuracy when it comes to detecting errors. The reason we choose to promote RegCure is simple: it came out on top from repeated benchmarks. We ran RegCure against 5 of its top competitors and RegCure found more errors on more systems than any of the other programs. RegCure didn't fix 100% of the errors it found, but it did do the best job out of the registry cleaners we tried.

Total control over your system

Not only does RegCure clean more errors than its competitors, it also has more features. For instance, RegCure gives you the ability to precisely control exactly which applications are allowed to start with Windows. What does this mean for you? In just a few clicks, you can shave your boot time from 60 seconds down to around 20 - so no more waiting around for your PC to start so you can check your email. RegCure also comes with technical support that is NOT OUTSOURCED - the developers who wrote the software handle the support of it. That means you have instant access to true professionals who understand the software and your computer.

Safety and backup

RegCure's great, but no piece of software is perfect - registry cleaners will occasionally delete registry keys and files that you might need later. That's why RegCure has a backup system that keeps track of any changes it makes to your computer. If you accidentally delete the wrong registry key with RegCure, it only takes a few clicks to restore it to where it was previously. This means that RegCure is appropriate for all levels of technical expertise, from novices to professionals.

It sounds great - where can I get it?

RegCure lets you scan your system for errors for free. You can download the "Free Scan" version by clicking here: download RegCure. If you like RegCure, you'll have the option to purchase it for $29.95 once you perform your first scan.

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