Clean your tracks with ParetoLogic Privacy controls

What kind of tracks are you leaving?

Have you ever considered the kind of tracks your computer usage leaves? Windows, working with your web browser, does a pretty good job of recording pretty much everything you do on your PC. Everything from the last few documents and pictures you looked at, to your favorite websites, and even your most recent instant messaging conversations are probably still present in some way on your hard drive. If you're concerned about your privacy - good! The last thing you want is for hackers or other malicious individuals getting access to your personal information. Lucky for you, there are some really simple ways to protect yourself from a loss of privacy.

Should I be worried about my privacy?

There's all kinds of reasons to be worried about the loss of your privacy on your computer. Just imagine everything you do on your PC, and ask yourself: how much of this would I share with a criminal? Would you want them to know your home address? Your email address? What about your banking password, or your credit card number? These are legitimate concerns - people everywhere are "getting hacked" and having their identities stolen by thieves who take over their lives through their computer.

How can I protect my privacy on my PC?

Software products like PartoLogic Privacy Controls make it easy to protect yourself and the data that's on your computer. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls shreds your leftover personal data like old chat files, Internet history, and most-recently-used document history, so no one can ever access it again. Not only that, but ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is 100% compatible with the most popular Windows programs, like Microsoft Office, Live Messenger, and Internet Explorer.

How does ParetoLogic Privacy Controls work?

ParetoLogic Privacy Contrls works like a shredder - it scans for sensitive information like history and chat files, and asks you if you'd like to permanently delete them forever. If you do want to delete them, it destroys the data to the same standard that the military uses when it wants to get rid of national secrets!

The Privacy Controls process

The first thing Privacy Controls does once you've installed it is present you with a list of types of sensitive information it can scan for. You can choose whether you want it checking for old emails, instant messages, documents, history files, spreadsheets, images, etc. Once you've made your choices, Privacy Controls does a complete scan of all the hard drives on your system. Any files that match the options you chose are presented to you so you can inspect them. You can then pick and choose which files to delete permanently and which to keep. The entire process is very safe, and you're in complete control the entire time.

Where can I get Privacy Controls?

Privacy Controls is available as a free scan here: Download Privacy Controls. You can scan your computer for sensitive information for free. However, if you find files you'd like to delete, you'll need to buy a license for $29.95. You can do that from within the program.

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