How To Stop Net Send and Alerter Messages

The Messenger service is an application that runs in the background of most Windows NT-based systems, including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The Messenger service allows IT administrators to send your computer messages about important network events. For instance, if your corporate IT administrator has to reboot your company's primary server, he may use the Messenger service to send an Alerter message telling your entire company to ensure they've saved their work.

Disabling the Messenger service

Most home users have no use for the messenger service, and as such, are better off disabling it. Disabling this service has no other effect on the health of your PC and will stop spam Windows messages immediately.

To disable the Messenger service, choose Start, then Run. Type "services.msc". In the Services control panel, find the service called Messenger. Double-click on it and change the startup type to "Disabled". Under the "Recovery" tab, ensure that all three tries are set to "Take no action". Press "Okay", and close the Services control panel. Reboot your computer. You should now be immune to spam Windows alerts.

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