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Everyone has their list of favorite sites, and we thought we'd share ours. These are sites that we use daily or weekly to keep our computers running properly or learn more about technology. Check them out and let us know what you think,

Software Patch

As its name implies, Software Patch has a number of patches for software. It also has a fair amount more. Downloads and information available include:

Despite appearing to be a comprehensive site for upating your computer, with a little digging it appears this site is actually targeted at just some of the most common computer users, and is mostly posting for the purposes of driving organic traffic to its AdSense advertisements. The information here is certainly accurate and fairly informative, but it is definitely a for-profit organization.

If you are looking for some of the most common utilities, or a particular update or download and you found Software Patch through Google, I would say go for it. Otherwise, this site is not hugely useful.

This website is also geared towards advertising, but with (in my opinion) a little bit more useful and unique content. It focuses on articles to do with Microsoft and related products. It also talks about some of the latest sofware you can get from Microsoft, and why it is useful to do so. It has a security bent to it.

The only slightly shady thing this website does is collect your email address, for the purpose of its amazing Windows XP newsletter. Since advertising dollars are what this site is probably looking for, I would imagine that your email address is not in fact given to spammers (as they claim), it is simply used to bring you back to the site to drive up returning visitors.

This site is not particularly pleasing to the eye, but that does not hamper its usefulness. As long as you are OK with a for-profit website helping you out, go ahead and check out actually goes by the name as well - either will take you to the same site. This is a terrific website if you are looking for codecs. Not only does it have a great number of downloads, it also has background information, release notes, different versions to choose from, and user generated feedback on the codecs. Common problems you might run into are often listed right there, helping you to make sure you are getting what you need and putting you in contact with others in your situation. has audio codecs, video codecs, alternative players, codec packs, guides for encoding and decoding, trailers that take full advantage of these codecs, and also a decent forum area.

If you have any questions about codecs for your computer at any time, I suggest heading over to this great site.

Ask Dave Taylor!

This is an enormous website, no questions asked. The shear amount of information that Dave Taylor has put together boggles the mind, and makes one wonder if perhaps he has some ghostwriters helping him out in the volume department.

That being said, the enormity of the website does nothing to detract from the quality. While, as usual, paid for via advertising, Dave makes it far less intrusive than a lot of other websites. He has a donation area too, which is interesting.

If you ever wonder about something to do with technology, the chances are pretty good you will find it on this website. His page on Windows Basics shows a ridiculous amount of information, and that is just one of many categories on his website. He has information that can help even very experienced computer users, and also people involved in online marketing, programming, blogging, and a number of other online activities.

Dave Taylor is somewhat of a maverick of the online world. Regardless of your requirements, I suggest you check out his site.


I hope these more objective reviews of the above websites have proven valuable to you. We will continue to provide mini-reviews when possible, and perhaps at some point bring them together into a more manageable form for better referencing ability.

Thanks for reading!

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