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"RegCure found 600 errors on my computer - my CPU used to be at 50% and now it hovers around 2-3%. A real life saver, thanks guys."

Virginia Johansson, WA

Fix Vista Appcrash Errors

Windows Vista came with all kinds of new features - and, unfortunately, all kinds of new bugs. The most frustrating by far is the Vista Appcrash error, which occurs when an application running on Vista crashes. Finding the source of these problems is easy, thanks to Vista's error reporting - but fixing Appcrash errors manually is a huge pain.

What causes Vista Appcrash errors?

Windows Vista has a variety of fault-protection systems that try to prevent a crashing application from taking down your entire computer. When Windows Vista detects that an application has crashed, it terminates it and generates an Appcrash error report. This report is useful, since it can be sent to Microsoft's engineers, posted on forums if you want help, etc.

Why is this Appcrash error happening to me??

Don't worry - it's probably not your fault :) Even though Vista has been out in public for more than 2 years, lots of applications still don't run properly on it. This makes them more likely to crash on Vista than XP - so even if your old computer ran the program fine, it might not run on your new one as smoothly. And of course, whenever these programs crash on Vista, you get the dreaded "Appcrash" error message.

Is there an easy way to resolve Appcrash errors?

Because Appcrash error messages can be caused by so many different applications, fixing them manually is quite difficult and requires some technical expertise. Fortunately, there's a great tool that fixes all errors on your computer automatically: RegCure. RegCure has helped millions of our Vista-running visitors fix their Appcrash errors.

RegCure - the recommended tool for stopping Appcrash errors

If you want to stop Appcrash errors permanently, you need the recommended Appcrash error repair tool: RegCure. RegCure is 100% guaranteed to stop all Appcrash errors, since it repairs the source of the problem: the crashing application. RegCure is able to go into your PC's internal systems, like the Windows Registry and application configuration files, and correct harmful errors that can cause application crashes.

RegCure Automatically Repairs:

Stop Appcrash error messages with RegCure

Over 30,000,000 people have downloaded RegCure to repair a Vista crash issue. By repairing your Vista system's registry and checking for thousands of other errors, RegCure is able to stop Appcrash errors permanently. Download it now and put this award-winning tool to work for you.

RegCure compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 1MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

RegCure is guaranteed safe for your system

We guarantee RegCure to be 100% free of viruses, spyware, and other nasties - so if you're serious about stopping Appcrash errors in Vista once and for all, download it today. We have complete confidence that your Vista computer will run perfectly after you run it.

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