Disable unnecessary services

Different people need different things from their Windows. Some need only the basic, while others need more advanced features. This is why Windows features support for everything you might need. These services can be Started, Paused, or Stopped, depending on your needs. By default, most of the services are Started. However, there are many services the average user does not need. Each of them takes up resources to work, slowing your computer down. The more unnecessary services you have Started, the slower your computer will work.

To see the services list, go to Start, click Run, and type “services.msc”. Windows will show all services, regardless of their condition. You will find the Name, Description, Status, Startup Type, and Log On As tabs. Let’s see what each of these tabs displays:

  1. The Name tab displays the process name as assigned by Windows
  2. The Description tab is very important as it describes the process and explains what it does. Before disabling a process, make sure you read and understand the description!
  3. The Status tab shows the status of the service – it can be Started or Paused
  4. The Startup Type shows how the service is started. It can be “Automatic”, “Manual”, or “Disabled”. Automatic means the service will be started when Windows boots, Manual means that Windows can start the service when it needs to (or when ever it feels like it), and Disabled means that the service will never be started, unless the user specifically changes its status to Started.
  5. The Log On As tab is the same as the “service account” for the service. This is the account that will drive the service for the operating system

Now that we have seen where to find the services and how the system works, let’s disable the ones we do not need. Please note, before you Stop a service, always read its description. We can not be held responsible for your actions. This is only an example list and you disable them at your own risk. Although these services are useless for most people, you might need some of them. So, please read the description!

Here is the list:

After you've disabled the services you don't need, click "OK" and exit. The changes will take effect when you restart your computer.

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