Cookie.exe Process Information

Cookie.exe is the primary executable for CookieWall, a nifty utility released by AnalogX. You can download the free version of CookieWall from AnalogX's website. CookieWall snaps in to your web browser and gives you complete control over who can place "cookies", or tiny pieces of tracking information, on your computer.

Since many web pages use cookies for innocent purposes, it's important to have fine-grained control over which cookies are placed on your computer. Some websites, like your online banking and web mail, rely on cookies to function properly. However, other websites, like those of marketing companies, may use special cookies (called "third party cookies") to track you from one website to the next.

Is cookie.exe malware?

Most certainly not! Cookie.exe is published by AnalogX, a reputable vendor committed to providing the Internet and developer communities with useful software tools. You can read more about the history of AnalogX and its owner at the AnalogX "About" page.

How do I get rid of cookie.exe?

If you're seeing cookie.exe in your Task Manager and you're not sure how it got there, chances are you installed CookieWall and forgot about it. To uninstall CookieWall, choose Start, then Control Panel. In the Control Panel, find and double-click "Add or Remove Programs" (or "Programs and Features" in Windows Vista). Navigate through the list until you find the entry labelled "AnalogX CookieWall". Select it, and choose the "Change/Remove" button (or "Uninstall" in Windows Vista). The CookieWall uninstallation routine will run and remove it from your system.

If you're still seeing cookie.exe in your process list in the Task Manager, you should download a startup management utility like RegCure. RegCure allows you to take complete control over what starts with your computer, and is a great way to prevent rogue processes from booting with your computer.

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