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"RegCure found 600 errors on my computer - my CPU used to be at 50% and now it hovers around 2-3%. A real life saver, thanks guys."

Virginia Johansson, WA

Stop runaway commit charge usage

Recommended solution: RegCure

Does your Windows Task Manager show an out-of-control commit charge? Are you worried that a high commit charge total or limit is going to cripple your computer? Does your commit charge creep up and up without ever dropping? If so, put your mind at rest by optimizing your PC with RegCure, which fixes many of the causes of runaway commit charge usage.

What is a "Commit Charge"?

The phrase "commit charge" is unique to Microsoft Windows, and refers to the largest amount of disk space that your paging file, or virtual memory storage, can use. Applications' usage of virtual memory is tallied up in the commit charge. The "Total" value is the amount of page file that's currently in use; "Peak" is the largest it's gotten so far (since you last restarted) and "Limit" is the largest it can possibly get (limited by your system specifications).

What does it mean when I have a large Commit Charge usage?

Since the Commit Charge reflects the total usage of the page file by your system, a high or increasing Commit Charge count means that your computer's system resources are being taxed by demanding or runaway applications. This could be because you're just running too much stuff at the same time, or it could be because you have a "runaway" program that's not freeing resources after it's done with them.

How can I fix a high or increasing Commit Charge problem?

RegCure, our recommended Error Cleaner, finds and destroys errors that can harm your system and the programs that run on it. By optimizing your system with RegCure, you're getting rid of countless errors that can cause otherwise-stable programs to go haywire and take up all of your system resources, thereby driving up the Commit Charge tally.

RegCure Automatically Repairs:

RegCure is our recommended solution for fixing a runaway Commit Charge

If your task manager shows that your Commit Charge is out of control, reign it in with RegCure. Put RegCure to work on your system fixing critical errors and corruption and watch your Commit Charge reduce itself back to a much more reasonable level. RegCure is guaranteed to permanently resolve your Commit Charge problems.

RegCure compatibility
Operating system: All versions of Windows, including Vista
Download size: 1MB (10 seconds on most Internet connections)
Processor: All PC processors including Intel and AMD
Computer type: Desktop and laptop/notebook compatible

RegCure is 100% safe for your PC.

We guarantee RegCure to be 100% safe for your PC. RegCure has been thoroughly tested by our technical staff and found to be the perfect solution for resolving Commit Charge errors without causing further damage to your computer. Download RegCure now and give it a shot - you have nothing to lose!

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