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Faster-PC Articles

We've just made our massive repository of over 60 articles available! These articles address all kinds of problems and errors in Windows Vista and XP. Get free computer help and how-to guides by visiting our Resources Section. Our article section is usually updated weekly, so please check back often. As always, please Contact Us with any questions.

Tweaking virtual memory

If you're trying to get the most out of your system - especially if it's a few years old - it's critical that you tweak your virtual memory settings. Virtual memory, a technology operating systems use that allows them to artificially increase the amount of RAM your computer thinks it has, is a great way to breath life in to an aging or sluggish PC.

Stopping ActiveX problems

ActiveX, a method for adding functionality to Internet Explorer, gives developers lots of freedom when it comes to making web applications for Internet users. Unfortunately, it also brings with it lots of bugs that can cause errors while you're using the Internet. Read our article on how to stop ActiveX errors by tweaking your system.

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